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The Castleford Phoenix Theatre has a very high standard of technical equipment and there are many different ways we can enhance any event held in the theatre. Once all the rehearsals and production work is done our technical facilities can add that final professional level of detail and polish to take your event to the next level.


Clients have the choice of supplying their own suitable technical staff or the theatre can source and provide competent and capable professional local staff. The theatre is committed to teaching technical theatre and being part of an Academy we also have the opportunity to provide learning opportunities for some of  our interested young pupils and there may be some who get involved in your event.


Lighting. Our lighting system is controlled primarily from a Jands VISTA system. The desk can be set up to run shows either using sub masters or fully programmed cues. The versatility of the desk means that we can set up to suit how you want to run your show and what works best for your style. In our standard rig we have an excellent selection of standard generic lighting including industry standard Source 4 Profiles and Selecon Fresnel and the rig can also include intelligent fixtures, strobe, UV and more. To highlight the effect of the lighting we usually recommend using haze so that the beams of light can be seen and add to the dramatic effect, we also have a high power smoke machine available and can advise if other types of atmospheric effects are required including dry ice or low fog style effects.

We have two follow spot positions that you can supply staff for or we can arrange if required. Follow spots are used to highlight performers or important events on stage and direct an audiences attention. Our follow spots are simple to use and can be operated with a minimum of training.

We operate a square one rig that is designed to be able to cope with most event and lighting style types however for events that run longer than a day or have more set up and rigging time then the rig can be customised as your lighting requirements need. If you are wanting to adapt the rig please contact us in good time to discuss your requirements.


Sound Our audio system is primarily controlled by a X32 Behringer sound desk, This digital mixing desk allows different options for controlling sound, the general operation should be familiar to anyone who has used a mixer before and the digital aspects can easily be picked up with some brief training if required. We have a set of 12 radio microphones available to hire or we can provide additional microphones if required.

We use a multiple speaker sets with a mix of active and passive speakers to provide the audio coverage of the auditorium controlled from a speaker management system. This system as most of our facilities can be tailored to your requirements and while we do have a standard rig that allows up to work with most clients needs we can add and change as required.

For playback we have CD and Mini-disc as standard, we also have a dedicated audio computer that your audio can be transfered to and then entered into our playback system so during an event an operator just needs to hit the "go" key at the right point. We can also edit music, loop fade and various other effects relatively easily or for more complex requirements we can use our studio software to achieve the audio sound that you want.









We have a limited range of microphones available for general use including over stage positions, boundary microphones, vocal, instrument and drum microphones. If you have specific microphone requirements please contact us to discuss.


Video is now one of the most important technical areas within live entertainment. Whether this involves projecting close ups of the stage action or visuals to accompany a dance or words to a traditional song sheet during pantomime more and more events are taking advantage of the video facilities that the Phoenix has.

At the heart of most of our video work is our media server. We use a Hippotizer Rackoon which gives us 6 layers of High

definition video to which we can apply live effects and transitions which can completely change the feel of a video. We can either work from a simple brief, images and content you have prepared or you can leave it up to us to find the right content to suit your needs.

We have 2 cameras available as standard if you want to utilise our live video facility. One of our most popular uses for this is during a dance show while the younger children are performing we can provide close ups of the children on our various screens which can greatly enhance the performers experience of being on stage and of course is a favourite with parents and family. This is just one example of the ways we can use video to enhance your event. To discuss ideas for using video please contact the theatre.


Other technical facilities include a backstage intercom that allows technical positions and the stage manager to communicate during an event, A relay of sound from the stage to the dressing rooms, video relay to the wings and some backstage spaces.

We can also make use of various pyrotechnic devices to add effects to your event. Due to the explosive nature of pyrotechnics there are strict requirements that we place on the use of pyrotechnics but working together these effects can be used safely and can add another effective 'wow' moment to practically any event.


We want you to be able to make the most of our technical facilities, our staff like challenges so please contact us to discuss any technical aspect of your event that you need help with. It is a lot easier to sort  any technical requirements before you come into the theatre when time constraints could effect how effectively your technical details are presented. To discuss technical details please contact Neil Myers on 01977 664566 or email